Company History

Rescompany was founded in 2003 by Norbert Miglinci, Thomas Pfitzer, John Potter and Tomasz Hanczewski, all experienced professionals in the travel and IT industry with financial support provided by a private fund. In 2004 Peter Winqvist, another travel and IT industry veteran joined the management team.

Having been involved in travel related software development since the beginning of the nineties, we saw a need for a reservation system that is able to integrate customer data management with inventory and prices calculation. The software was originally designed with small and medium sized operators in mind, as they tend to have excellent customer databases. What started as a “small and simple” reservation system grew over the years into a comprehensive and sophisticated solution shaped by our customers.

In early 2008 a new era started for Rescompany as we acquired two new companies. The first company spearheaded by Josef Ganitzer who joined the Rescompany management team, has developed an onboard property management system and had a total of 45 active installations. The second company led by Michael Hofreiter who also joined Resco management team, provided a classic hotel management package. All three systems are based on the same technology, form a comprehensive product portfolio and allow Rescompany to provide unique solution expanding our reach into new and exciting markets.


Rescompany offers solutions that provide the same competitive tools to small and medium sized operators that are accessible to large corporations, while keeping systems at a level that is easily maintainable, affordable and resource efficient.

Through our knowledge and outstanding support levels we are assisting our partners in making use of these tools, bringing our experience and international perspective as their success is also our success.