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Adonis AS is a leading provider of maritime HR and Payroll systems, covering the range of HR processes from Web recruitment through crew management and planning to Crew Portal with swipe-card based Time and Attendance, comprising an advanced interface to follow up the MLC regulations regarding rest hours control.

Birgin Consulting developed IDA – a software package which allows you to create your own multimedia applications quickly and affordably. For more information please visit

We are working with NCC Group, a leading provider of Escrow Solutions, to offer our customers the peace of mind of an Escrow Solution. An Escrow Solution is a specialised form of assurance, where any business critical application or material can be securely deposited with NCC Group. We offer this facility in order to demonstrate both our commitment to governance best practice and to building long term relationships with our customers. For more information please visit

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We believe Rescompany offers solutions that provide the same competitive tools to small and medium sized operators that are accessible to large corporations, while keeping systems at a level that is easily maintainable, affordable and resource efficient.