“You and Karl are the Best!! I am in and working. No hassle, I appreciate the speedy service. Thanks so much!”

Michelle Ceravola
Windstar Cruises

“Bula Andrew & Kate. You both are simply superb.”

Arti Gounder
Blue Lagoon Cruises Limited

“Thank you so much for your help and fast response!!! You guys are GREAT!!!”

Krista Limbo
AMA Waterways

“I just built my first charter event under the new upgrade – and I have to say Bravo! It gets easier all the time. Thanks for all your hard work.”

Michelle Ceravola
Windstar Cruises

“Love the enhancements!!”

Thalia Gomes
Windstar Cruises

“I can confirm the response time with Resco is light years ahead of the other software companies I’ve worked with.”
“I am extremely happy with the new look, it looks wonderful. I believe our passengers will be delighted.”
“You will be able to demonstrate to potential new customers the flexibility of your system to adapt to the needs and wants of any end user.”

Jon Burrows
AMA Waterways

“The Resco team is always quick to acknowledge a request and efficient with a solution to any problem. Thank you for the consistent customer support.”

Brooke Ericson
North Star Cruises Australia

“Wow just received the latest update notes and it looks really good, there are lots of things there that I think will be great to implement here at Potters.
– Note Search – This combo box along with the event code area is going to be a massive help.
– Multiple Misc Charges – I am sure that the Groups and Commercial Teams will be very pleased about this feature, it will save them a lot of time!
All in all I think that the items in the upgrade are great and I really look forward in using them. Many thanks for all your help”

Helen Murray
Resco Project Coordinator
Potters Leisure Resort