Aqua Expedition’s new online booking system – powered by Resco

Aqua Expeditions have recently launched a brand-new consumer booking platform powered by Resco’s API. It is accessible via Aqua’s site

Resco and Aqua’s tech teams have collaborated and worked closely in delivering an efficient and easy to use platform. This fully customized online engine carefully designed over the flexible and robust Resco API accessing Resco’s industry leading central reservations, Resco CRS system.

Following the successful launch of the consumer booking platform, Aqua will be releasing their new redesigned agent booking platform in the coming weeks.

The Resco product suite is designed specifically for the cruise industry and is the only solution in the world that provides a complete 360-degree view of the cruise customer journey – shore to ship and back. Rescompany is capitalizing on having a combined central reservation, CRM and on-board system (PMS/POS) in one package. The Resco CRM, Loyalty and Business Intelligence systems are available and integrated to all systems and helps to broaden customer touch points.

For more information about Resco’s extensive product offering please visit or contact directly by email at or call +44-1143520701 or +61-295267711.