New Resco Systems and onsite visit in the New Year

New Resco Systems and onsite visit
in the New Year!

Dear Valued Customer,

Per our communications a few months ago the preparation of the new Resco Booking Dialog and systems is coming along well. We plan to launch the revolutionary Resco
version 5 in the first few months of 2015.

As a brief summary the new booking dialogs will enable faster and efficient methods in shopping for available products. Specials and packages for agencies will be easily
identified along with a clearer overview of availability, pricing and terms at a glance.

Customers and Agencies will be provided with crucial information more swiftly. The new system interface utilizes a clean and fresh full-screen design, great flexibility and ease of operation.


For more sample views of the application please visit New Resco System page.

Our Business Intelligence module launched this year is growing in capabilities and
features, with more cubes and dashboards becoming available. Our BI dashboards
provide you with an instant visual snapshot of how your company is performing.

The dashboards represents a visual representation of data with the benefit of saving time compare to running multiple reports.

The BI Module offers more interactivity with dynamic filtering and an ‘at a glance’ view of Key Performance Indicators relevant to particular business processes measuring
revenue (including on board revenue), sales, availability and marketing.


To view more BI samples please visit New Resco BI page.
There is also more details of it on our website at

The launch of the new system will require us to come onsite and work with you. Our team will be in touch soon to arrange suitable dates and please let us know of any preferences.

Thank you for the positive feedback on these new modules so far and we look forward to receiving any more feedback you may have prior to the onsite sessions.

Your Resco Team

For more information about our products please visit or contact us directly by email at pwinqvist@ or michael@ or call us on +44 20 3305 9244 or +61 2 9526 7711. Rescompany has local offices in
Sydney, Vancouver, London, Hamburg and Gdansk.