Resco CRM: Customer Relationship Management

The Resco CRM is a system tailored and powered for cruise and travel specific markets.

The Resco CRM allows tracking and organising guest information for both travelers and agents to improve communication with current and potential customers. Resco CRM’s tight integration with the Resco CRS (Central Reservations System) within the same database allows for targeted marketing thus improving occupancy ratios and maximizing revenue. Information such as number of times traveled, personal preferences, communication tracking, revenue generated and responses to previous marketing campaigns is readily available and can be used to send additional promotions by email or mail.

Below, please find key features of the Resco CRM solution. There are of course much more and growing by each release.

Data sources:
  • Integrated databases and utilizes the same core database as the other Resco products and modules.
  • Access CRM data from Resco ship board SMS or other property management systems.
  • Possibility to integrate with other data warehouse and corporate databases or sources to create one main global database containing CRM data.
Components and features:

Database query engine – Allowing to retrieve and access data from guests and agencies such as interests, requested brochures, geographical location, number of past cruises, revenue information, loyalty status and points, newsletter requests and much more.

Campaign management – Enables marketing departments to carry out working segmentation across millions of prospects, customers and agencies utilizing the most detailed historical data. It also enables swift building, testing and execution of campaigns that incorporate these segments, all from the users desktop. Multi-Level contact history and segmentation is available which facilitates the implementation of multi-level campaign strategies and rules.

Mass Mailing – Resco CRM allows users to not only prepare a campaign selection, but also email or print documents based on the selection. It can be an email with promotions included, SMS sent to mobile phones, sets of vouchers, tickets and invitations. Each mail out is stored for future use and can be sent as many times as is necessary. Responses to mail outs can be registered for each person and the response in turn can be used in follow-up campaigns. Resco CRM contains a built-in HTML editor that can be used to prepare the emails as well as processing and response tracking modules. The mails can be personalized within the application utilizing database fields from the system. The effectiveness of direct marketing activity can be measured, reported on and developed.

SystemCare Scheduler – While even the largest campaigns can be executed directly from the desktop, the automation facilities offered by the SystemCare Scheduler allow one-off, multiple, data-driven activities to be processed routinely and automatically without user intervention.

new-benefitsLoyalty program solution – automated or manual solutions allowing the customers to manage the accounts during the booking process based on specific or all purchases. Furthermore different earnings ratios can be defined per revenue department and points can be spent as payments or given as credits for specific purchases. The loyalty program account handlings are driven by SystemCare allowing the customer to decide which specific criteria’s should be used and how.

Sophisticated data merge – Even the most advanced database need maintenance, the Resco merge tools allows for merging of data with advanced algorithms. The customer decides on how, which data fields should be used for compares and at which percentage data should be merged. Merging and checks via the Resco API and external imported data is available.

Postal Address Data Cleansing – Resco provides external interface with the leading suppliers assisting in keeping with country specific rules on address data. Interface is available on individual customer entry record level as well on batch against the database.

Resco WebConvert/API – Full XML interface to integrate the Resco CRM to web or to other 3rd party systems as required. Detailed specification of the API is available.

External email solutions – When desired, Resco CRM can also output the results of a campaign and mailing selection results to a file to be uploaded to an external web-based marketing e-mail services, such interface is two way allowing for example opt outs and blacklisting retrieved from email solution to be imported back in to the master record in the Resco CRM.

Business intelligence, Analysis and Reporting – Advanced reporting is part of the package. Rescompany is utilizing Crystal Reports which allows for ad-hoc reporting as required, automation with scheduled reporting and distribution of reports on results are available.