Resco HMS: Hotel Management System

Resco HMS covers all aspects of property management required by hotel operations, from reservation, check-in and check-out, to sales of items at bars, restaurants and shops, and the management of a guest’s account including marketing and mailing. System data can be exchanged with external systems such as Central Reservation, General Ledger, Internet Cafe, Door Locking and Electronic Payment systems.

Front Office

The Front Office module takes care of essential front desk functions such as check-in and check-out of guests, including swiping documents and credit cards, lookup of present and past guests’ details, room changes and upgrades, the posting of periodic and manual charges to accounts, to printing bills and account statements.

Back Office

An essential module required to fully control the system and adapt it to an operation. The Back Office is used to exchange data with the central reservation system, enter base data, establish agency commission rates, set operating parameters, execute end of day procedures, administer users and their privileges and output all financial reports. All account management functionality is also controlled by the Back Office; opening and closing of accounts, blocking and releasing, routing and transferring charges, posting discounts, viewing ageing information, in addition to managing group allotments and rates.


Resco HMS allows the user to email or print documents based on guest selection criteria. It can be used to not only send an email with booking confirmation but also to email current promotions based on guest preferences, invitations and invoices.


Resco HMS is an open product and contains a number of interfaces that allow for data exchange between external systems. Tight integration with Resco CRS allows for direct data exchange using a predefined format. The data flows both ways, thus increasing the marketing capabilities available through the Resco CRS module. Additional interfaces available are:

  • Central Reservation Systems (CRS) – e.g. Resco CRS
  • Electronic Payment Providers – e.g. ServeBase
  • General Ledger (GL) systems – e.g. SAP
  • Telephone Exchange (PABX) – e.g. Mitel SX 200
  • Internet Cafe – e.g. Digital Seas
  • Door Locking Systems – e.g. VingCard, Tesa