Resco provides innovative, comprehensive web solutions for the cruise and travel industry. With intuitive interfaces and full integration with Resco CRS and CRM systems, Resco web apps ensure maximum usability for your company’s unique needs. The modern web design and available customisation of the environment ensure also maximum flexibility with layout, texts and graphics modified by our experienced team of web designers.

Key features of Resco WEB include:
  • Web booking application for agency and direct booking
  • Web applications for guests to provide and modify their personal details directly
  • Web application capable of accepting brochure and various other requests
  • Fully individual and customized web themes for cruise industry needs
  • Elegant and modern web design
  • Cross-browser website compatibility, with full mobile device support
  • SEO friendly links and HTML5/SASS standards
  • Efficient API allowing other companies to build custom web applications
  • Consulting and Project management for Web projects
  • …and much more

Agency Web Booking

Agency Web Booking is a web booking portal which allows Agency’s to see availability and booking online via a secure authentication process linked to the client area of an Agency Contact. Accounts can be linked to a user group in the same way a new user in Resco is created. A user’s log in determines both level of access and all pricing and into the Agency portal assigned rules are then detected and used throughout the booking process.

Registration for user access could also be created using API calls developed by an external Web Development company contracted by the business.

Direct Web Booking

This module is delivered with Corporate branding and can be added as a seamless link from a customer’s existing website. It is also possible to add a Payment Gateway to this module allowing bookings to collect either a deposit or final payment at the time of booking.

The existing product has received a face lift and has been designed using modern technologies known as SPA (single page application) which dynamically updates content.

Web Manifest (Passenger Update Portal)

Web Manifest is a pre- departure passenger information application with access via a secure authentication process and pursuant to privacy regulations. Guests (or their approved agent) can update their Personal Profile including Diet and Medical Remarks, Emergency Contacts, Passport and Visa information of an existing booking.

Brochure and eNewsletter Requests

Company branding is added to this module which is designed to capture Passenger interest for brochures, newsletter or other marketing material. The passenger adds their contact information via an online form which creates a folio and note entry directly into the Resco Application.