Custom Reports

The ability to transform data into knowledge is one of the core advantages of our software. We can provide you with custom reports that will permit you to analyse the data that you demand. From manifest and reservation data to financials and item sales, we are able to provide you with reports that will benefit your business.

If you have specialized management reporting needs, but no one in your company with the time or experience to create reports, our support team can supplement your employees’ skill sets. We have experienced analysts who are able to construct complex reports and deliver the knowledge that you require. Resco can directly execute reports with pre-defined parameters, save them in a desired format, and email them to a distribution list on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Export Formats

Our reports can be exported in a variety of formats such as PDF, MS Word, HTML, XML, MS Excel or as text. The layout can be customized to allow ease of export to other applications and systems.


Reports such as invoices can be e-mailed directly from our system to your agents or clients. Your agents can mass e-mail marketing brochures to selected lists of clients based on particular needs of given marketing campaign such as demographics, age or marital status.

Multilingual Support

The report content locale can be set for each report. The text and dates can be customized to display in local language and time zone.

New report request

To submit a new report request please login to our online support system, fill out the request form and create a support ticket for your product. You can also attach your own mockups, screenshots or any other information that will help us evaluate your request.

Existing report modifications

To update your existing report please login to our online support system and create a support ticket for your product. Include as many details as possible.

Report Samples

Annual passenger volume report

Passenger volume trend analysis.

Annual passenger volume per trip frequency

An overview of frequent travelers and new passengers.

Campaign results

Booking results of mass mailing campaigns.

Agency confirmation

Travel agent’s detailed confirmation.

Contact reasons

Call center report tracking detailed contact reasons and categories (German).