Cruise and Rail

A key success factor in a hotel operation is a robust property management system that supports all the business processes. The hospitality industry is characterized by competition, cost efficiency and a demand for high quality service. Information technology systems along with the human factor play a vital role in maintaining hotel operations that ultimately generates total guest satisfaction.

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Rescompany software suite was established with the aim of providing a state of the art solution to the hospitality industry. Our knowledge is the result of years of industry experience and all our customers benefit from our in-depth know-how in IT, project management, and software development.

Rescompany adheres to a concept of having one database and one platform for all its systems. That makes the package tightly integrated with all its modules and applications working together, allowing for simplified management for our customers and Rescompany support personnel.

Our products use the best of today’s technologies to offer tomorrow’s system to all owners and operators of cruise ships worldwide.

Reservation and Customer Management

The Resco Central Reservation System and Customer Relationship Management (Resco CRS/CRM) combines central reservation functionality and customer relationship management within one system thus providing the user with a complete enterprise solution. The system supports multiple languages and currencies and can be accessed on site as a regular Windows application or from remote locations utilizing Terminal Services. The software suite is built to support cruises, day cruises, wholesalers, tour operators, charters, individual excursions and package groups. Resco CRS and CRM are offered as one complete integrated solution thus improving the flow of data between systems and do not require any other interfaces.

Besides handling all regular reservation processes and inventory control the main focus of the Resco CRS application is on combining all collected customer data, guest and agency preferences, profiling and making this data instantly available in the Resco CRM module. It is critical in today’s highly competitive market to be able to quickly respond to trends and in turn be able to create offers and send out these offers quickly to existing clients, potential clients, to agencies and business partners. This close interaction gives our customers a unique advantage and makes the switch to Resco an easy decision with a very short return on investment.

The system is scalable and suitable to handle large call centres for corporations in multi-property and multi-office locations. At the same time it is simple to set-up and its multi-language dialogs make it user friendly and easy to use also for small operators as well.

Resco CRS/CRM customers range from larger cruise line and wholesale operators down to smaller providers with only a few reservation staff. The Resco solutions are offered in various cost and pricing options taking into consideration the size and needs of our customers.

Shipboard Management

Resco Ship Managment System is an integrated shipboard property management system that scales from a super-yacht or a small river ship to mid and large sized vessels. It is a modular solution that handles all hotel departments’ needs including Point-of-Sale, Hotel Inventory, Crew Administration, Payroll, Safety Management, Medical Reporting and Maintenance Tracking.

Resco SMS was built with a focus on ease of use to minimize administrative overhead, training time and IT department need. The package allows to not only manage guests reservations, check-in, check-out, billing, onboard purchases and activities but allows to extend the functionality to extend to staff and crew members. Point-of-Sales is an integrated system component. This eliminates the need to manage and interface with an external POS. Any off-the-shelf industry standard hardware can be used for the POS terminals and printers. This tight integration allows for extensive reporting for onboard departments and further, after data is sent back to Resco CRM module, it provides management with up to date financial information.

We have learned that the key to success in business is to listen to our customers and meet their needs. We customize the Resco SMS to suit our customer’s business processes rather than force our customer’s to customize their business processes to fit our software. The bottom line for the customer is reduced total cost of ownership, increased system stability, and near zero administration.