System Technology

Architecturally planned from the start as a robust, state-of-the-art solution, the system is designed to be flexible, yet capable of handling a variety of requirements including customizable screens. While the system provides for quick and simple ways to perform the required functions, its various additional modules expand the functionality making it a truly powerful and a comprehensive solution.

Rescompany not only provides the system itself, but offers a complete solution approach. We provide a set of services, from the installation of the system itself to consulting, development and training as well as travel industry expertise that truly offers a veritable competitive advantage.

To achieve this flexibility we have selected tools provided by Microsoft for development and deployment of the system. Not only are we backed by the leading software provider, but by doing so we ensure our customers use a stable and well-known system platforms.

For the back-end we use the latest server products available; Windows 2008 Server as a preferred server platform and SQL Server 2008 as a database for data storage. On the client side we have selected and recommend Windows 7, Vista and XP operating systems. Our web modules are tested and work on all significantly represented web browsers.

Rescompany’s Point of Sale system can use off-the-shelf terminals as long as they are equipped with touch-screens. Windows Mobile based devices (PDAs) can be used to record customers’ orders as well. Printers at the point of sale must be robust, versatile and fast and we have incorporated support for the leader in this area, Epson thermal printers.

Support for other hardware devices such as digital cameras, swipe card readers, ticket and card printers is built into the software as well. Again, we support and recommend standard and commonly available off-the-shelf devices thus making hardware costs and maintenance as inexpensive as possible. All of the hardware can be ordered through Rescompany or if preferred ordered separately by the customer.

Rescompany software has been developed predominantly on the Visual Studio .NET platform. Business logic and web applications run under IIS. Finally, we have a created a specialised reporting engine that uses Crystal Reports from SAP for all presentation output.