All of Rescompany’s team members have extensive operational experience in the industry and understand the importance of the systems we provide. We pride ourselves in providing first-class customer service, in fact our support team is considered by some of our customers “light years ahead” of what they’ve experienced. We believe that our global presence and availability, use of latest technology, skills of our team members and combined years of experience allows us to resolve issues promptly and accurately.

Support is provided by the company’s worldwide offices in Europe, Australia and North America. These locations allow us to effectively handle 24 hours a day, 365 days a year technical support schedule. This round-the-clock availability is always part of our contractual agreement.

To help us resolve issues in a timely manner we require remote access to the Resco system through a Virtual Private Network. Customers can enable and authorise access on a case by case basis if required. Should an on-site visit be necessary we will use our worldwide locations to provide the most efficient and cost effective issue resolution.

Support includes unlimited regular updates to Resco systems as they become available. Our software is updated frequently and new releases always include new and exciting features. Upgrades are usually installed remotely by our knowledgeable staff during after-hours and always in coordination with the customer. This approach allows us to avoid disturbing regular operations.

Rescompany is using a support ticket system for the management of help-desk requests, for any enquiries in regards to the ticket system please contact our support personnel.