Rescompany strives to provide timely and effective support. With this in mind we have identified the following service levels based on severity of an issue:

Level 1 – when the problem has a critical business impact on the customer’s production environment resulting in the inability to use Rescompany’s software. This means that the system is either down or there is a serious possibility of data loss which indicates that an immediate solution to the problem is required. Problems of this magnitude must be reported by calling Rescompany’s emergency number. Where possible the issue should also logged via the online support system for tracking purposes.

Level 2 – when the problem has severe business impact, limiting the usage of one or more major functions of the Rescompany software in the customer production environment. The production environment is still operational, but significantly restricted. The issue should be reported using Rescompany’s online support system.

Level 3 – the system still functions in the customer business environment, but there are functional limitations that are not critical in the daily operation and adequate work around exists. This includes new feature requests and reporting requests. The problem has limited impact on the business environment and does not materially affect use of the Rescompany system. The issue should be reported using Rescompany’s online support system.

Based on the level of the problem, Rescompany uses all reasonable effort to provide the following response:

Level Initial Response Times Goal Remediation Completion Goal
1 Immediate 24 Hours
2 < Eight Hours 72 Hours
3 < Three Days Next release cycle or hot fix