Astro Ocean launches Piano Land with Resco’s PMS/POS and Inventory modules

Rescompany in partnership with VONE, China’s leading and outstanding cruise IT service provider, are honored to be involved with the launch of Piano Land of Astro Ocean International Cruise Co., Ltd.

Rescompany’s introduction to the Chinese market is endorsed by VONE and Astro Ocean partnership and with this alliance boosting the market presence of all companies.

About Zhuhai Vone Technology Company (VONE)

As a leading and outstanding Chinese cruise IT service provider, VONE has been providing professional technical services such as IT consulting and design and project handover, IT transformation and upgrading, IT operation and maintenance, and IT solutions for cruise liners since 2011. VONE have implemented nine cruise ships in China already. VONE is also a member of the China Cruise Development Expert Committee and a member of Asian Cruise Academy Board, and has rich cruise resources and contacts in China with a professional cruise IT team.

About Rescompany Systems Ltd. (Resco)

Rescompany Systems Ltd provides integrated database management solutions including Central Reservations (CRS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Property Management (PMS) and Point of Sale (POS) systems. Capitalising on the executive team’s decades of travel and cruise industry experience, Resco is the only platform designed to meet the technical needs of the cruise and travel market. Whether implementing Resco’s complete software suite as a stand-alone platform or integrating its individual modules seamlessly with third-party interfaces, Resco’s intuitive technology provides clients with an ever-evolving 360° view of the customer – shore to ship and beyond.

Resco’s mobile PMS and POS solutions are running on board more than 200 cruise vessels around the globe.