Resco eMuster

Safety at Sea with the RescoSMS eMuster Module.

Rescompany Systems’s new eMuster module offers a fast and reliable solution to
mustering of passengers during both drills and actual emergencies. Electronic rather than paper-based operation means that progress can be monitored in real time, which greatly increases situational awareness and helps crew react rapidly to address any potential danger.

Mobile devices for passenger processing are located at each muster station. Devices will synchronise via the ship’s own wireless network, and in case of network failure or blackout, a fall back onto peer-to-peer communication (Bluetooth) will take place completely automatically. Thus, the risk of data loss is minimised thanks to continuous and resilient replication between all mobile devices and the Emergency Control Centre – the loss of a device should never result in loss of mustering data, so vital to the safety of your guests!

With colour-coded graphics and large, full-colour passenger photographs, the Resco eMuster user interface ensures that data capture is easy, fast, and accurate. Also, upon arrival at their assigned muster stations, passengers will have their ID cards read using barcode or RFID scanning, reducing the likelihood of manual errors during acquisition.

In addition to the powerful Emergency Control Centre, located on the bridge, there is also a dedicated interface, tailored to suit the needs of the Muster Station Leader, on the
mobile devices themselves. This interface offers a detailed, comprehensive view of the progress at the selected muster station.

The eMuster solution can be used with, for example, the 7-inch fully rugged and
weatherproof Panasonic FZ-M1 tablet (MIL-STD-810G and IP65) – this is the perfect
device for emergency situations due to its long-life, user-replaceable, hot-swap battery and sunlight-readable, high-sensitivity, multi-touch screen, which can be used even while wearing heavy gloves.

The key features of Resco eMuster are as follows:

  • Monitors drill/evacuation in real time, ensuring situational awareness
  • Resilient data replication minimises risk of data loss
  • Synchronisation over wireless or Bluetooth, and even manually via USB
  • Support for barcode/RFID scanning improves acquisition speed and accuracy
  • Full colour user interface with clear visual cues ensures ease of use
  • Passenger injury levels can be recorded
  • Post-drill reporting and follow-up capabilities