Resco INV: Inventory Management System

Resco INV module offers functionality required to manage hotel inventory in an efficient, time and cost saving manner. It controls orders that needs to be placed in advance and often require forecasting. Inventory must be monitored carefully to stay within set budgets to avoid large inventories and the associated risk of losses. Features such as ordering, receiving, issuing, adjustments, inventories in main and departmental stocks, stock lists and reports and links to corporate purchasing systems are included.

Order Handling

The software aids in preparing formal purchase orders based on previous orders history with information about suppliers, their pricing and location. The order can be sent via email or faxed with subsequent communication and alterations to the order traced by the system. Upon delivery, the system allows entering lists of items received and presents discrepancy reports that can be acted upon. Barcode scanners can be used to aid in items identification and images of stock items can be added.


Resco INV has sophisticated order assistance and forecasting functions. It aids in preparing accurate orders and allows for control of delivery and distribution of items to storerooms/warehouses. Direct integration with Resco POS system allows for accurate consumption analysis and ad-hoc spot checks at any time within an inventory period. Stock on hand, consumption totals, item movement analysis, usage forecast based on historical consumption are all integral parts of the system. Cost of inventory can be based using FIFO and average-cost methods.