Resco POS: Point of Sale System

Resco POS is designed to support the operations of all revenue generating departments. The component is suitable for Food & Beverage as well as for retail outlets. The Resco POS module can be used for entry of sales, printing of guest checks and charging to accounts. A version running on Windows Mobile based PDA’s is available as well.

Point of Sale

A touch-screen based application running on standard POS terminals or Windows Mobile based hand-held devices. All PLU numbers are available with the touch of a button with hierarchical drill-down and speed button entry for popular items. Sales can be reopened, repeated and a settlement can be made using various payment methods such as cash, deduction from deposit, credit card and charge to account. Furthermore, guest check and waiter activity can be printed on remote printers.

POS terminals can also work in offline mode without a permanent connection to the main database. An offline POS terminal can receive a snapshot of data thus allowing it to operate in stand-alone mode. Sales can be replicated to the main database at any point in time after connecting the terminal to the network or through the use of a USB memory stick.

Outlet Stock Control

All sales can immediately update outlet stock that is coded PLU items, such as cocktails and mixed drinks and be broken down into its basic element. Inventory spot checks can be made at anytime thus allowing for increased control over F&B and retail outlets. A direct interface to Resco INV enables stock control on an item level and a standard interface can be used that will send sales information to third party inventory systems.

POS Management

An essential module required to fully control sale outlets and items management. The module is used to configure POS and remote printers, manage waiter’s information, gratuity calculations and discounts and control operations that can be done on terminals. Sale items can be added, modified, removed and special prices can be assigned and switched on and off at anytime in any outlet thus supporting features such as “happy hour”. Various reports with sales information per server, item, outlet, account, with sales journal and analysis are equally available.