Resco Business Intelligence Dashboards: Now Available on Mobile Devices

Rescompany is pleased to announce enhancements to our powerful Business Intelligence module. The BI module transforms your CRM and CRS data into meaningful metrics; with dashboards that are visual representations of your data. View real-time snapshots of key performance analytics. Users can access data at anytime, anywhere – in real-time with live refresh – on a tablet, smartphone, or PC.

Key features:

Your company data accessible via the web, on handheld mobile devices, anywhere, anytime

Dynamic, flexible reporting via easy-to-read dashboards and easy access of key data points

Combine dashboards across business areas to develop short and long-term sales strategies, validate business assumptions

Revenue, Sales, and Daily Booking, Passenger per day data available, including combined reservation and onboard data

Marketing campaign results tracking and effectiveness

Predict trends, provide accurate forecasts, revenue projections

Marketing and Sales executives can quickly analyze data needed for that last minute promotion, while Finance can review data related to the costs of advertising, from customer acquisition to the impact of promotion discounts on the NPD. Call Center management can populate the CRS with customized dashboards that provide agency sales history to date, customer loyalty metrics, thus empowering the Reservations Agent at the point of contact.

Dashboard views of the critical performance indicators use the latest graphical views, layouts, and are fully interactive. Dashboards use latest design tools for sharp presentations and are easily downloadable for insertion into Sales decks. Ready-to-use templates are included and are fully customizable.

No need for calls to Inside Sales to obtain data for upcoming client visits. Share the information with your customers and colleagues right from your tablet, smartphone,
and of course the application itself.

Your data is a valuable asset. Resco’s Business Intelligence provides a comprehensive tool
to help our clients gain the insight needed to stay competitive and to make sound business decisions.

For additional details and expanded view of the BI module, visit our website or contact us for a presentation.