Semester at Sea Implements Resco on Newest Shipboard Campus

Semester at Sea Implements Resco on Newest Shipboard Campus

London/Sydney, August 2015

Rescompany announces it has reached an agreement with Semester at Sea for the implementation of Resco SMS, Resco’s powerful and integrated PMS and POS system on Semester at Sea’s newest shipboard campus, the MV World Odyssey.
A spokesperson for Semester at Sea commented, “Rescompany provides an optimal, integrated solution which fits our point of sale needs but will also allow us to introduce new and flexible technology in the future. Plans are in place to add Resco CRS/CRM during next year to take advantage of the complete package Resco has to offer.”

The MV World Odyssey is the sixth ship in Semester at Sea’s storied 51-year history. The new ship, like its predecessors, will serve as a traveling home and campus that brings approximately 600 undergraduate students to the farthest reaches of the globe every semester, giving deeper meaning to education, experiential learning and community.

Semester at Sea is a multiple country study abroad program open to students of all majors emphasizing comparative academic examination, hands-on field experiences, and meaningful engagement in the global community. A wide variety of coursework from 20-25 disciplines is integrated with relevant field studies in up to a dozen countries, allowing for a comparative study abroad experience that is truly global.

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The Resco Ship Management System comes with an integrated point of sale and offers optional modules such as gangway security, excursion sales, cashbook, AVO (cabin maintenance tracking), inventory management, crew management, eMustering and mobile applications. Resco POS utilizes industry standard touch screen technology and provides a true open platform where the preferred hardware can be chosen by the user.

In combination with Resco CRS and Resco CRM the Resco systems are unique with its 360 degree customer profile and central concept of integration. The Resco PMS are currently installed on more than 120 vessels of all sizes.

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