Resco SMS release v2.1.17


03 May 2011

New features
– Visitor Management functionality redesigned
– Ability to set age limit for individual PLU groups
– Added support for Evolis Quantum 2 (magnetic card printer used with Ving door lock system)
– Common layout of login form
– New Win API module for visitors import
– Ability to cache system parameters

– Gangway security: Port Manning validation
– Excursion ticket – added handling for excursion operator
– More detailed logging info in Launchpad
– Cashbook: cover pages basic report improvements
– Safety management: added privilege to control Manage Selections form
– Back Office: new filtering columns for Batch posting (Cruise nr, Embarkation and Disembarkation Date)
– CRS-SMS interface: gift orders linked with PLU items onboard
– CRS-SMS interface: added traceability of the state of onboard credit (active or cancelled credits)
– CRS-SMS interface: added gift order external posting date for prepaid gift orders
– Web API interface: extended account info by credit limit information
– Improved form positioning on multiple screens

Bug fixes
– TouchPOS: discount logic
– Front Office: Pending cabin changes – display of previous/next cabin nr
– Front Office: edit pax info – privilege check
– Front Office: edit reservation not possible in some cases
– Front Office: Personal remarks editing
– Front Office: pax onboard/ashore pax state
– Crew: Manifest report
– Resco payment: file name creation

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