Resco CRS release v4.1.31

25 July 11

ResCO CRS RELEASE V4.1.31 25 July 2011 New features - ResReserve: allow merging a person in a booking if the person has only one active trip -┬áResReserve: price rules, black-out…

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Resco CRS Release v4.1.30

20 June 11

Resco CRS Release v4.1.30 20 June 2011 New features - ResReserve: trip extension, available on day-by-day trips - ResReserve: new pricing calculations based on first day, majority days, exact days…

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Resco CRS Release v4.1.29

7 June 11

Resco CRS Release v4.1.29 06 June 2011 New features - ResWinResco: advanced folio search and visual query builder - ResReserve: back to back bookings - ability to select cruise per…

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Resco CRS release v4.1.28

5 May 11

Resco CRS release v4.1.28 05 May 2011 New features - ResWinResco: new, more robust, more advanced reporting engine - ResReserve: item sales display window filter - ResReserve: booking search by…

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Resco SMS release v2.1.17

3 May 11

RESCO SMS RELEASE V2.1.17 03 May 2011 New features - Visitor Management functionality redesigned - Ability to set age limit for individual PLU groups - Added support for Evolis Quantum…

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Resco SMS release v2.1.16

1 April 11

Resco SMS release v2.1.16 23 March 2011 New features. Ability to customize server sign-in cards info. Enhancements. Picture Manager - image export, inventory management scrips, availability check during bookings import,…

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Resco CRS release v4.1.27

31 March 11

Resco CRS release v4.1.27 08 March 2011 New features. ResWinFolioBatchMerge - new tool for merging folios. Enhancements. Price fee rates, calculations, setup and dialogs changed. Folio flash, folio search and…

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Resco SMS in Demand

8 June 10

Resco SMS in Demand London/Salzburg, June 2010 Rescompany has been busy installing their shipboard management system, Resco SMS, onboard a number of leading river and cruiseline operators over the last…

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