Resco CRS release v4.1.28

Resco CRS release v4.1.28

05 May 2011

New features
– ResWinResco: new, more robust, more advanced reporting engine
– ResReserve: item sales display window filter
– ResReserve: booking search by invoice sequence
– ResReserve: invoice due date calculations take into account weekends and holidays (country specific)
– ResReserve: remainder dates based on invoice dates auto calculate working days (option B,F)
– ResWebConvert: single login for multiple systems

– ResWebConvert: added rate support, attachment path, multi price/currency per item, departments listing
– ResReserve: middle name added to personal id documents (GDS requirement in NA)
– ResReserve: new storerooms (SRV,CST), store types (SPA, FIN), item default delivery type
– ResReserve: added 6 new combo boxes to notes
– ResWinResco: more detailed error logging, notes performance improvements
– CRS client installer: added CR2008SP3, MS HTML, usp10.dll
– CRS-SMS exports: posting dates, item comments, item export flag

Bug fixes
– ResWinResco: folio search, organizer crash, folio flash task id, Inxmail error handling, notes organizer
– ResReserve: base message updates, price rate = 0, add folio, item sale price, item sold dates, audit search
РResReserve: folio merge dialog resize, folio age group, automatic OS user login, agency notes, group notes
– ResMaintain: add contact, price rates
– ResDataTransfer: cabin info, onboard credit status
– ResWebConvert: personal document details, trip blocking expiry date, folio advisor id, list item, note deletion

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