Resco CRS release v4.1.27

Resco CRS release v4.1.27

08 March 2011

New features. ResWinFolioBatchMerge – new tool for merging folios.

Enhancements. Price fee rates, calculations, setup and dialogs changed. Folio flash, folio search and folio merge dialogs improvements. Folios and bookings data access restrictions per agent/agency. Folio duplicate e-mail restrictions. Web booking performance improvements. Item sales grid sorting. Ability for agent to change booking currency.

Bug fixes. OS login, place search dialog, folio doc info, Win7 file permissions, Inxmail, storeroom deletion, multi-currency item price rates, DataTransfer x64, notes remainder dates, ResWinPmsTransfer export, folio marital status, ResWinResource labels.

See release notes under support for site specific issues and resolutions.