Resco CRS Release v4.1.29

Resco CRS Release v4.1.29

06 June 2011

New features
– ResWinResco: advanced folio search and visual query builder
– ResReserve: back to back bookings – ability to select cruise per payment, search results display non-primary trips
– ResReserve: ability to customize exchange rate display, new price fee calculations, price rate validity by date range
– ResReserve: item sales: cost calculations, fee date range/season selection
– ResReserve: batch merge – added Merge Marked Only checkbox
– ResReserve: PMS export by booking status
– ResWebBooking: client specifications (agent booking), ability to customize the UI

– ResWebConvert: new address fields, all remarks supported, cached login validation, document owner info, performance improvements
– ResReserve: notes – 6 new date fields, new storeroom template for car rental (CAR), removed MSC storeroom, modified TFR storeroom
– ResWinResco: notes – 6 new date fields, search dialogs improvements
– ResDataTransfer: FMS interface extended date range for processing to avoid time zone issues, new unit tag for parent/child unit recognition
– ResReports: only general area reports are displayed in the grids
– ResWinSystemCare: ability to specify server for script execution (must be setup now for each script), server time zone synchronization
– ResWinTools: removed zero address trigger
– Corporate Web: My Account Login page, visitors statistics, marketing banner

Bug fixes
– ResReserve: company privacy settings, adding new storeroom in empty database, exception on new booking or when adding payment to existing booking, rules excluded from events in progress, SQL Server 2005 scripts compatibility
– ResMaintain: price rate days of the week selection
– ResWebConvert: upgrade surcharges, change folio – invalid system value error, type initialiser exception, duplicate port charges and group discounts, availability calculations, disabled ability to add trips by inappropriate agents, document validity date default value, folio remarks, unrestricted day-by-day events beg/end dates, no error on folio documents duplicates

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