Resco is in the unique position of having Central Reservations CRS, CRM and onboard system (PMS/POS) in one package. The Resco software suite is the only solution to offer an accurate 360° passenger view of the Shore to Ship and back. Resco continues to build on this combination by integrating the core systems to provide one seamless solution.

Resco sees the integration of its solutions as a key component in servicing the cruise industry into the future. Resco CRM and Business Intelligence together provide the valuable insight businesses need to be competitive and reactive to market conditions.

Shore and ship personnel interact with the customer with information available through interactive dashboards; whether using a desktop or mobile device. Changes and updates to guest data flow through the systems and are stored, ensuring full life cycle management of this valuable CRM data.

Data Sources

Integrated databases create an extensive warehouse of guest data. Resco CRM, CRS, POS and PMS modules have the same core. Integration with an external data repository, telephony, GDS or corporate database (for multi-brand companies) is possible.

Database Query Engine

A dynamic query tool assists with understanding the customer and provides valuable insights about guest and agency demographics. Brochure and Digital marketing mailings, Social Media, guest communication points including pre-travel, during, and post-travel collateral and communications are all part of the life-cycle of the customizable guest and agency profiles. Pertinent information for call centre and sales personnel is available with integrated dashboards.

Campaign Management

Make use of predefined or ad-hoc campaign handling through customizable templates. Resco CRM features a multi-level view of contact history; voice, the web, mail, or digital. Quick creation, testing, and execution of campaigns, all from the user’s desktop is possible. Segmentation of prospects, customers, agents, and agencies is easy to manage, and a two-way interface is possible with third party mailing platforms.

Mass Mailing & Customer Communication

Customer communication can be automated, and business rules enabled for scheduling of documents related to the client journey, or for general communications such as:

  • Email promotions
  • Send direct message reminders to users
  • Print targeted guest collateral using our powerful database query tool
  • Automate mailings for booking milestones and events.

Any Outbound and inbound customer contact history is viewable on demand through Resco’s applications.

A built-in HTML editor allows personalization, customization with processing and response tracking modules. Mailings from the application utilize database fields in the system. The effectiveness of direct marketing activity can be measured, reported on and developed. Contact privacy standards and compliance rules are fully integrated and customizable.

Customer Note and Workflow Module

The Resco Package provides customizable user interfaces and business forms (Notes). Using Resco’s communication, Notes allows the building of efficient business processes specifically related to day to day operations. Manage your business processes, set reminders and improve your business workflow handling using Notes. Communication forms and its full structure is also available through the Resco API allowing for ease of setup in any web environment.

Social Media

Resco CRM also allows integration with Social Media channels. HTML5 Web Page design tools connect your business to users that have WeChat, are on Facebook, or use other social media platforms for communication. Resco CRM stores click information such as URLS, location, viewing history, and other web-based metrics. This information also flows through to Resco Notes. Flash sales, offers, and incentives can be automated through Notes to capitalize on the ease of communication with Social Media.

Loyalty Program and Rewards Solution

Our innovation takes loyalty and appreciation handling to the next level, with a multi-program Guest/Passenger and Agents loyalty system that is powerful, flexible and yet easy to maintain. Points based, the loyalty program module can be configured to calculate benefits on absolute or relative points, per day/unit/person, the occurrence of events, booking history, revenue, the number of trips, restrictions application and much more.

Referral handling is also part of our Loyalty and Benefits module. Individual account management is user-definable with SystemCare scripts allowing for easy application of status and benefit information.

Customer Complaint Handling

Workflow process for customer complaints within the customer and agents’ profile is available. Functionality includes the ability to assign unique references and apply reason codes and status levels to individual records.

Information received from on board the vessels can also be captured and imported to the shoreside CRM profile in real time. This allows companies to react to complaints immediately and provide targeted compensation to the customer even if he/she is still onboard. Compensation with voucher handling is possible.

Customer Survey

Resco offers the ability to manage online client survey’s, management of Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey content and to collect customer feedback.

Questionnaire statements and feedback as well as details about customer preferences can be imported into Resco and will be stored against the customer profile. Resco CRM provides integrations to external NPS score systems also, support for easy setup and creation of multiple styles of surveys, questionnaires and guest ratings related to marketing programs, customer satisfaction, feedback on customer support, new products, new services and more.

Sophisticated Data Merge

As even the most advanced database need maintenance the Industry leading Resco merge tools allow for merging of data with advanced algorithms. The customer decides on how and which data fields should be used for compares and at which percentage data should be merged. One-time, real time or periodic merge handling is available. Merging and checks via the Resco API and external imported data is available.

SystemCare Scheduler

While even the largest campaigns can be executed directly from the desktop, the automation facilities offered by the SystemCare Scheduler allow one-off, multiple and data-driven activities to be processed routinely and automatically without user intervention.

Postal Address Data Cleansing

Resco provides an external interface with leading suppliers assisting in keeping with country specific rules on address data. An Interface is available on individual customer entry record level as well on batch against the database.

External Email Solutions and Web Tracking

When desired, Resco CRM can also output the results of a campaign and mailing selection results to a file and uploaded to an external web-based marketing e-mail services. The interface is two ways, allowing for opt outs and Blacklisting retrieved from the email solution. Information is then imported back to the master record in the Resco CRM.

Sales Team Handling and Automation

Field sales team management and assignment is available. Team can be setup on regions and flexible localization as required, the hierarchy build can be as extensive as needed or simple. Budget and quarterly targets are managed in the system, business intelligence and integrated dashboard is at hand to be run over the data to monitor performance and KPI’s. Web interfaces are available for such business management data and custom-made web tools.

Ship and Shore Membership Enrollment Apps

Expand your customer and loyalty member base and promote member enrollment with our online and mobile enrollment applications. Resco CRM provides for fully configurable mobile enrollment applications that run on the ship and shore. The web design is responsive with forms and user interfaces available on Android and IPhone smart phones as well as tablets.

Voucher Management

A useful feature to expand your Loyalty Program by offering member benefits in the form of gift vouchers. Multiple types of gift vouchers are possible to generate from the CRM to the member’s profile.

Assigned vouchers are visible in the member portal and can be redeemed on board, used for future cruise bookings, or gifted to referrals.

Vouchers can also be used for many other purposes including a compensation method or to confirm gift orders with guest cruise documents.

Ship Visit Management

Cruise ship visits such as guided tours for travel agents, potential customers, or daily visits from crew members’ friends can be managed in Resco CRM.

Send out a daily visit invitation to your agents and customers including a link where they can register and – if required – pay online for the day pass.

Crew and staff members can apply for a visit online and applications run into Resco CRM and be sent to the responsible department for approval.

Crisis Management

Having a solid handle on how to approach a crisis can make the difference between business as usual and complete business failure. Some crises have become blueprints for modern responses to problems, while others have destroyed products, divisions, or even entire companies.

With Resco CRM note and communication tools your company will be able to note and store incidents and accidents against the customer profile, keep your customers always updated, track inconveniences and the response to those inconveniences over the long term.